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Still no shorts


I am going to be hardline on this. There is a need for thin flowing fabrics today but no need to wear shorts. I am not on the beach (not yet anyway), I am not encased in suntan cream (though maybe I should be-more on that later) and I'm not reading a Wilbur Smith novel (my summer of reading is sorted already). I might wear linen. I might wear cheesecloth. But my trousers will be full length. If Alan Deadicoat wears shorts, I will too. Until then, the ankles stay covered.

The spirit of summer is taking over the show however once Nigel arrives as he is reinventing the ice lolly (elsewhere the popsicle, icy pole, freezer pop). Not quite convinced he'll get them to us in their frozen state but here's hoping. Zooms. Mivis, Fabs all great names from the days queuing by the ice cream van-what can Nige do to beat that? Find out from 6!

The suntan cream discussion is sparked by the confession which, in passing, referred to buying the wrong kind of ointment (coconut in this case) so we'll look at that. Actually, all things considered, why don't we just tee-up some SUMMER CLASSICS for the oldies. Looks like sunshine over most of the country so today's the day. But not for bare legs, obvs.


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