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My first coffee shop blog of the new year, with a 2 topping porridge for company (living the dream). An early start brought on by the school run and the imminent viewing of the new Quentin Tarantino. I am not particularly looking forward to it but it's a packed screening of film hacks so I will need to have my wits about me. Child 1 was very keen to come along as well but had to be told firmly that the whole point of a national press screening is that it is showed to the press and not offspring of the press. He got this I think.

Today's drivetime offers you John Lloyd the award winning producer of Spitting Image, Blackadder and QI. I've interviewed John a number of times over the years and he never fails to fascinate. The tenth series of QI is running at the moment (and all the others are running all the time on other channels) and clearly reflects its creator's fascination with the universe and all things in it. His Desert Island Discs recently was a terrific listen (podcast still available) so here's hoping for a quite interesting chat after 6.

And songs please for the return of STARGAZING LIVE which Prof Brian Cox and his able side kick Dara O Briain which starts again on BBC2 tonight at 8pm. As the prof explained to Chris this morning, it's an exciting year for astronomers with 2 very bright comets on the way, hopefully the cloud cover will take pity on us at some stage over the next 3 days...

Have a reassuring and optimistic Tuesday, see you after 5.


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