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Not the messiah


This morning dawned with another drive to the tube in my pyjamas, followed by a chat with Chris on Breakfast-also in pyjamas. I might even wear them all day and the crowd at the O2 can marvel if they wish. In amongst those dressed as bishops, lumberjacks and gumbies, I should blend in quite well.


It's Python day today as they start their run of shows and we will be there from 5. Many, many times over the years I confess that (usually with my brother) I resorted to repeating lines, songs or whole sketches. Word perfect. And we thought we were hilarious. But Python done by other people is so dull I can only apologise. There'll be none of that today (unless the temptation is too strong obvs).


We'll speak to Messrs Palin, Cleese, Jones, Gilliam and Idle tonight in various stages of excitement, plus Eddie Izzard from the States and Prof Brian Cox, very excited in the green room (the prof wrote with Eric on The Galaxy Song from Meaning of Life). I think it'll be quite a naughty show from what Eric Idle was saying at the press conference, thus confirming my parent's suspicion that it was all rather vulgar and distasteful. I shall look away and cover my ears if necessary.


And as we are expecting a rather chaotic and crammed show, there isn't room for any themed tunes today, but we'll do that again tomorrow (by the way, don't miss the confession on Wednesday's show. Very memorable!


> So join us from our luxurious dressing room tonight. Wear something loose.


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