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Just you and a hut


Horrible school run completed, full of stupid drivers and their stupid cars. I of course was an oasis of calm and politeness. Things can only improve and here we are in the ordered world of the drivetime blog where decency prevails and everyone has a cheery word for everyone else. Even the moderator can join in if she/he wants to-hello moderator! There may be a few missing bloggers (as discussed yesterday) but it is still a good place to spend some time everyday. In my opinion. So well done for getting this far. If you read and don't normally say hi-thats fine too.
So today how about Kirsty Young from Desert Island Discs on todays show? Not only is it an iconic show but Kirsty is just the perfect host. Warm, informed and persistent-who could ask for more? The show has the simplest format but it inevitably drags you in and you play the 'well what I choose' game. There's a fascinating "70 Years of" book out that details every castaway's choices of music, luxury and book; good bedtime stuff. So we will do DESERT ISLAND oldies of course and why not add a song, a luxury and a book if you can think of any...
So that'll do. Have a positive and affirming Wednesday, see you after 5.


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