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Chin up


Morning to all bloggers, new and vet. Hope weekend was tip-top. Interesting to read of bloggers in the audience for the 5L show (hello Paul, Amelia, Zoe and Deebee-is that everyone?) and glad everyone seems to have had a good time. We did indeed have to disappear pdq, though as it turns out I could have hung around, walked to Radio Sheffield and done some shopping on the way. We had the highest quality cupboard to broadcast from (technically an NCA studio) and some lovely helpful staff to help us onto the air. Splendid chats for 2 hours and you might remember the young lad who was going to watch his brother play for Edinburgh against Saracens. I said we would look out for his result and cheer him on his way. Well unfortunately it turned out to be a 0-45 loss for our ARF friend and his brother so that didn't quite work out quite the way he wanted.
So a new week and a new show today with Suzanne Vega singing live. 7 million records sold and 7 grammys too, her voice is as warm as it ever was. She is re-recording her back catalogue which is not uncommon amongst artists who don't own their original recordings, but what is different is her release of the songs thematically. 'Close up Volume 4, Songs of Family' is her latest CD and a delight. It is also 25 years since 'Solitude Standing and her song 'Luka' became a most unlikely hit. You'll hear her after 6.
And songs today (as Felix Baumgartner got his day last week) for DOGWALKERS. There is a documentary on BBC2 tonight 'Wonderland:Walking with Dogs' and it is, by all accounts, rather wonderful. So dogwalkers get their day, your help please.
Have a friendly and optimistic Monday, see you after 5.


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