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Ah! Another Friday with pounding rain outside and the radiators kicking in. Central heating at the end of May? Good grief. I have taken next week off as this half term is often some of the most delightful weather of the year and child 3 has much revision to attend to. But I fear the waterproofs and wellies will be as useful as the reading book and revision notes. I do dread the exam season-a stressful time for all concerned. But it is up to the parents to run the place and provide the snacks and sage advice. The snacks are easy, the advice tempered by remembering our own failings when we were studying. We had fewer distractions, though a cassette player and a tub of potty putty passed many an hour for me. Good luck to all concerned, batten down the hatches, we'll be out in a bit.


2 shows today with the movie show on 5L with guest Saoirse Ronan who stars in Byzantium alongside Gemma Arterton and is a terrific actor. Then we'll get to the ARF and (thanks to Jennie VetWren's research) we'll start with a song from 1966 which we appear to have neglected. I was going to try a '65 but if we haven't done it before, a'66 will be a novelty. Over to you mods and rockers and bloggers out there.


Have a glamorous and exotic Friday (yeah right) see you after 5.



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