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Stewing nicely


And a good morning from an over-heated coach C of the 7o'clock train to Norwich where the announcement has just been made "due to the early departure of this train, there are no buffet facilities'. The early departure of the train is of course the reason why there SHOULD be food and drink available but we will cope, clutching our bags of coffee and yoghurty-based snacks (no chips, Matt not with us). We've just rolled past the Olympic venues and they looked all sad and deserted with not a smiley games maker tracksuit wearer to be seen anywhere.
Then back to R2 (assuming a super-heated train is available). Managed to catch the last number of a Bellowhead encore at the Radio 2 Club last night. I can reveal that the one song in question was a triumph. Album 'Broadside' is launched tomorrow but you have to go dressed as a pirate. And I'm not sure want to go quite that much.
Tonight we welcome Ben Miller-actor, comedian and occasional scientist. Oh,and Rob Brydon lookalike. He's best known as one half of Armstrong and Miller but he is a Cambridge educated quantum physicist and it's this which has produced 'Its Not Rocket Science' which has, it is claimed, got all the exciting bits about science in it. Not only that but we can do ROCKET SCIENCE oldies in his honour.
Have a refreshing and comforting Tuesday, see you after 5


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