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The Importance of Towels


Good morning bloggers and here we are again for another day of high achievement and massive reward/muddling through and little thanks.

Yesterday's Bieber-related theme took the unexpected twist (as I might have mentioned) of observing the small Canadian at close quarters. At times uncomfortably so. My gym has occasionally hosted the likes of Anna Kournikova (eyes down everyone) and Chris Evans (tweeting in the sauna) but this young man had a small army of followers who, despite his er, unreliability, were camped outside and singing his songs (I assume that's what they were anyway). He was kickboxing and yelling and cussing-something about someone ordering the wrong motorbikes or something - then retired to the steamroom where he was joined by your drivetime presenter. I did momentarily consider reprimanding him (on behalf of parents everywhere) for being a plonker but thought better of it. My showbiz life, huh?

Today is a Show of Hands day - their new album is Wake the Union, marking 20 years of song-making from one of our top roots duos. They claim to be the only band that can be seen in the Royal Albert Hall AND your local pub. Steve Knightley and Phil Beer will be with us from 6pm.

And how about SLIP OF THE TONGUE songs, please? The Duchess of Cambridge has, it is thought, revealed that she is expecting a daughter to a well-wisher who gave her a teddy, saying "I'll give it to my d..." before stopping herself. It clearly could have been driver or daddy, but anyway. Yours slips of the tongue will do for now.

Have a smooth-running and error-free Wednesday, see you after 5.


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