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Well the drums were fun. Hope you enjoyed our little contribution to the 2 Day fun and games. Being unable to play an instrument myself, I always enjoy sitting at the feet of masters. Watching a master craftsman/woman is thrilling and in Evelyn Glennie and James Powell were terrific. We were hoping to have Roger Taylor but he had to pull at the last minute, so apologies for those waiting for the great man. And hearing listener choices was just what was needed; we had so many to get too but so little time! Meantime, it's back to air drums, table drums and dashboard drums to release the inner rhythm (whatever that means).

So today we are back to normal of course with some lovely singing from Gabrielle Aplin. She 'shot to fame' (as is compulsory to write) after her hit version of The Power of Love dominated the TV ads last Christmas. . I think you can tell that she grew up in a house where Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell were played loads, the album is delicate, English, and beautifully sung. She's also part of the team at the R2 Dambusters commemoration on Friday (which will be one hell of a show by the way).

And oldies today please for the RED CARPET. What with the BAFTAS last night and Sony's tonight (Go Ken!) (and go my brother!) and frocks and dickie bows are to the fore, let's salute the carpet and the carpet walkers. No drivetime nominations this year but we pitch in behind Chris's support for Ken!
Have a glamorous and award winning Monday, see you after 5.


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