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Take your tux to work day.


Ok, I admit to being excited. It's James Bond day today. This morning at 10.30 I'll watch the new Skyfall movie and the reviews are so enthusiastic, I'm expecting something special. To get 5 stars (as many reviewers have done) is quite an achievement. I have no knowledge of the plot as I'm trying to avoid any spoilers but all is looking good. Whether Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem can match the photo spread Mark Kermode and I did for Radio Times I doubt but they're promising for youngsters.
Yesterday's movie was Argo and I promised to report back. Well, it's fantastic and Ben Afleck, it's star and it's director is quite something. It is the true story of 6 Americans who escaped from the US Embassy in Tehran when it was stormed in 1979. It manages to be tense, exciting AND laugh out loud funny. Part of it is set in the Hollywood movie world where John Goodman and Alan Arkin are a riot. It it wasn't true, it would be utterly preposterous. Highly recommended.
Nigel has been tweeting about his pumpkin pie. It's a Mark Hix recipe and he was clearly baking late as his photo appeared at 2.13am today. He then, post-show, leads us on a team meal somewhere tasty where he orders for everyone, which is so less stressful. As long there are chips for Matt, we are all ok.
And oldies please for ROUNDABOUTS (bear with me). This is because the Roundabout Appeciation Society has published its calender for 2013 and Holgate Windmill, a working mill on a traffic island near York, is declared the star roundabout of the UK. So let's serenade the humble and not so humble roundabout in your choice of songs.
Have an enthralling and engaging Thursday, see you after 5.


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