David Knopfler
BBC Radio 2
Firstly apologies (again) for the late appearance of the blog yesterday. 2pm is no time for a daily blog to appear and it was due, apparently, to software crashing. Anyway we got going in the end and thanks for all the suggestions and posts once we were in action. There is a special kind of hopeless rage we suffer from when the computer kit lets us down. We rely on other people to fix it and rely on them to make it better and the bad stuff go away. Impotence is the word really. That whirly egg-timer or spinning circle you get while the machine thinks about quite how slowly it intends to run, is the sign that steam is about to be ejected from your ears. And the only thing you can think of is to switch the blasted thing off and on again. Or call a child. Or both.
At least we had some tunes from Craig and Charlie to cheer us on our way. Their songs sounded as splendid as ever and it was good to be able to use the word 'stentorian' for the first time. A fine chorus singalong of "Sutherland no more' etc was a good moment.
Songs today about HAIR please. 2 stories really. One is the news that women will have 150 different hair styles in their lifetime (is that possible) and the other is that men have taken to shaving their chest hair and women prefer this apparently. So Hair related songs please, thanks.
And a headbangingdashboardhittingembarrasthekids mid-summer mosh after 6. Imagine it's the computer you're hitting and it will be even more fun.
Have a tech-savvy, clued-up Wednesday. See you after 5

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