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Peanut butter and marmite


(the best on toast evs)

Well I don't know. I wasn't totally ambushed on the confession yesterday but not far off. There's a difference between reading something in your head and reading it out loud. When you catch sight of those listening and when you hear your words forming, everything changes. It's also why these occasional Tunesdays are popular. It's a communal thing. Knowing the person in car behind you or the folks at home are hearing the same thing as you changes the experience totally. All those who loved Telegraph Road last time almost certainly had it at home or with them on their generic mp3 player but still, when it is on the radio... (boring grandad move on) I know I've been down this road before but hey it is what we do. (check out that Gift Of The Gab film on the iplayer or R2 website if you haven't already for lots more of that guff).

So a tunesday on the way and oldies inspired by memory man Jonas Von Essen who has just won the World Memory Championships in Croydon (where else?). For those of us who have forgotten yesterday, this is witchcraft indeed. But we can celebrate with MEMORY oldies to scatter liberally around the show.

And have a hassle-free and straightforward Tuesday, see you after 5


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