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Poles, pegs and sogginess


Good morning.

A sunny morning and Alan D on the news just now said 'it would remain dry' but I think that can't be right. Water on the brain or something. Child 3 off on a school trip to Legoland and was quite confused at the prospect of what to wear. In the end though the prospect of all those water rides meant that waterproofs won the day and sunblock got forgotten. We shall see.

So child 1 has had his 21st, now wife 1 has her 50th and it's time to party one more time. This weekend sees a clan gathering, speeches, quizzes and assorted merriment before we all collapse in a Roman-esque, post-feast saggy heap. But then we're on holiday, so hooray for that. Around the estate the clear up continues. Streamers, bottles and cake may well be turning up for years to come like relics from a bygone age. It has certainly given the pesky foxes something to worry about; I'm hoping they may decide to go and urinate in someone else's garden.

Glad my 'sexy Larry' voice went down well. I quite enjoyed it myself really. In actual fact, that bit on the Floaters record is quite camp so really I chose the wrong voice. Might play the whole thing today for cpomparison.

Nigel cooks quail with grapes and ginger tonight (I know) and songs please on the subject of CAMPING. As the holiday mentions really start flooding in we need to recognise the selfless heroism of all those intrepid campers who are still setting off for their hols with tent/caravan/campervan at the ready. Can be great, can be a waterlogged nightmare. Tunes please!

Have a sunkissed and warming Thursday. See you after 5.


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