Playing: Boomerang by Ward Thomas
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My lovely, shambolic, cluttered, chaotic,really-must-sort-it-out office.  Tapping the keys at home again and thoughts returning periodically to Edinburgh and the fun and games of the festivals there.  A great week I think and full of memorable moments: Rory's Bill Mclaren yesterday, Marcus Brigstocke's food-flinging confession, The Feeling's rousing on-your-seats finale,KT Tunstall's new song Invisible Empire live and Tim Vine's gag-strewn confession from Wednesday. On my way out of Edinburgh airport, the BA lady after taking my bag and checking my ID, told me that Tim's confession had her in hysterics. So thanks to everyone who came along and to the team who put it all together.
Nearly didn't get out-the fog at the airport threatened to keep us on the ground all night. And when we landed in London it had become summer again! Folk in shorts, sweaty suntans everywhere-a nation divided. Well the cheesecloth sarong is out again for one last hurrah-what a shame that sight was denied to our Edinburgh audience. Two shows on the way today. Movies again at 2 with Dr Mark returning from his long summer break, and talking to Lily Collins-star of The Mortal Instruments, the new Buffy/Twilight franchise. Then we'll crank it up for another ARF and your opening year of requirement is 1981-hits please!
Have an encouraging and fragrant Friday, see you after 2/5. If you have one, have a good bank holiday-see you on Tuesday.

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