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Well that works for me. Morning to all bloggers.The thing about holidays is that they seem to be harder work than work. Thinking of things for everyone to do is exhausting. I know they should work these things out for themselves but somehow it never works out like that. I'm off next week but might just come into work anyway and bring everybody. Chris brought Noah in today and the BBC is FULL of tours ALL the time so maybe we'll just walk around the 'creative clearings' as seen on the painfully accurate W1A last night. (I want a creative clearing by the way. I had a word with Tony and he's right on it too. Sort it out will you?)
How good was Eric Carter with Dermot yesterday? We need to hear these stories first hand while we can, so hats off to Dermot for making it happen. And Eric's account of shooting down a Messerschmitt over Murmansk in WW2 and then meeting its pilot last year and drinking champagne with him was something else. And,as I think you could tell, there was quite a twinkle in his eye!
Nige today with a one-pot Indian chicken and how about RESIGNING/GETTING OUT/QUITTING tunes? Everyone's doing it: Maria Miller from the Cabinet, Lord Myners from the Co-op and Daniel Craig from a new movie called The Whole Truth. Songs please!
That'll do.
Well that's happened.

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