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There may be trouble ahead...


The train south from Waterloo. A bacon and egg roll (with ketchup) and a coffee to hand and (as JY used to say) 'orft we jolly well'. Stockbridge in deepest Hampshire is the destination for this morning's fun and games and not the Stockbridge in the James Taylor song '1st December was covered in snow, so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston'. Not that one. Wrong turnpike.
Then a speedy return to Radio 2 and tonight's top show which will not ask you to lick your elbow, smoke a pipe or another deviant activity but might tempt you to open a map. Our guest is Simon Garfield who has written 'On The Map' an account of our fascination with maps. From the earliest sketches of explorers, treasure maps and google maps, Simon tells a fantastic story. He also addresses the prickly subject of the different ways men and women approach map reading! Tread carefully...
And how about MAP oldies? Plenty of scope for bloggers imaginations to roam free (and special credit to John B Good for his 'This Is Not America' suggestion yesterday- maybe my favourite ever).
Have a fragrant and encouraging Wednesday, see you after 5


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