Playing: Traffic Light Lady by John Martyn
BBC Radio 2



It really is far too soon to be in shorts. This is an important issue. I know everyone has been desperate to throw off the shackles of winter but too many have peaked too soon. On the tube yesterday there were a number of early adopters and they were a variety of styles and colours. Mostly they were baggy and underpant-showing but  one individual was essentially in speedos. This caused merriment and smirks from most; we were all safe behind our jeans, chinos and frocks. Ar Radio 2 of course there have been no shorts that I have seen-I'm not sure security would let them in anyway. My guess is Tony Blackburn might try it this weekend and I have my suspicions about Dermot. Official Radio 2 dungarees will be placed at reception for any offenders who try to get away with it.
So with standards and parameters clear we can get to work. A morning of Start Trek in 3D will be exciting I think-the 7 minute trailer we saw before The Hobbit was spectacular. Then to R2 and a Nigel Barden day (he's a potential shorts  wearer, we'll have to watch him) and he has some kind of trout on offer. I'm sure it'll be all right really. In fact we could try FISH and FISHING oldies which will keep that peaceful easy feeling with us a little longer.
Have a shiny and dazzling Thursday, see you after 5.

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