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Blog being written in the strange half term silence that fills the house again. Now that child 3 likes to sleep in, when there is no school run, all stays quiet. This is quite a change from the many crazy early starts that have been a part of life since forever. In the main it seems a good thing with just a hint of melancholy lurking in the background - a a taste of the empty house which lurks in the future. I'll get over it.

Enjoying the bloggers up-to-minute, page by page reviews of the new book (I've used up my one use of its title). Finishing a book before its even published is actually illegal of course under a command of Henry VI who would have your pets locked in a cave until they learnt archery or something. But your commitment is appreciated.

Strange to do the show without M&R but enjoyed having Alan D back on the collective and Kyle Eastwood proving that we can welcome pretty much any classy musician to the party. I'm tuning into the bass on everything now! I fear that we have a generation on the way that doesn't care about bass. They listen on phones and tinny speakers on laptops and it is our duty to let them know that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. You need feel this stuff in your chest or it's not quite right. This is the wisdom of the ancients. And the deaf.

So full strength Drivetime then with M&R restored and food critic Giles Coren on how to eat out. So EATING OUT oldies please, thanks.

Have a well-run and rewarding Tuesday, see you after 5.

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