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Morning bloggers, here we go with another day, another Thursday of sunshine on the estate and not a fox to be seen anywhere. It might not be the season (if there is such a thing), my anti-fox policies may have worked or they might just have moved on to another neighbourhood. Maybe they just tired of a boring diet consisting of our thrown-out pasta/mouldy fruit'n'veg/take away left-overs etc. Whatever. They are using someone else's garden as a bathroom/kitchen/killing ground and that's with me.
School run time. Can I blog first or will the rat-run call? Will I remember the tricks and short-cuts? Will I be able to keep control of the radio under sustained pressure for something 'younger'? I remember insisting my dad listen to Tony Blackburn before dropping me off at school in Solihull- not sure he was a fan really. And I had to sit in the car early on a Wednesday (?) to hear the new chart positions which I think had been announced Tuesday lunchtime by Paul Burnett. Remember when you cared about the singles chart and knew every song? Now I'm looking forward to Pick of the Pops already just so I can tell child 2 or 3 (whoever is in ear shot) any of this stuff. Again.
Nigel cooks sone fishy stuff with chilli and bits and pieces tonight and oldies please for BUILDERS and BUILDINGS. We are to be encouraged to build improvements such as conservatories, rear extensions and garage conversions. There will be fewer restrictions and rules, that kind of thing. More sheds! Bigger sheds! I'm seeing it as an anti-fox strategy-if I build over all the grass they won't want to come back anyway.
Have a fresh and invigorating Thursday. See you after 5


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