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Hold on tight


So here's the thing. Child three is a teenager from today. A big deal all round of course and I can reliably inform you that the teenage mystique is as strong as ever. Part child, part adult, it is the joy and privilege of the parent to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Having had two of them already, it would be nice to think that we know what we are doing. But then they're all different and we will doubtless be just as flummoxed as anyone else when faced with the usual party/film/friends/tattoo/piercings/work/girls/boys dilemmas. And try not to mess it all up too often. When I woke him up this morning, he told me he needed a few more minutes in bed 'because of the hormones'.

So today is another top show from your Drivetime team with our Bookclub review of the year; some good picks and favourites coming your way. If you have a favourite book of 2012, one that you'd happily recommend to the rest of us, please mention it here!

Title, author and a couple of lines about why it was so good, please, and we'll get a good feeling about the what you're all enjoying/have enjoyed. And if it was a 2012 publication, so much the better!

And oldies please on the theme of WINTER (cue the 'it's not winter yet' argument from Rebecca and the 'it SO is, the Met Office says so' riposte from me). Definitely not Christmas obviously, but anything else that fits the coldest season please.

Have an encouraging and well-balanced Monday, see you after 5.


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