Well I can't begin to think what everyone's talking about today. Not a bad weekend when all is said and done! Like most of you, we had a small gathering around the television. We would drift in and out according to hunger and other requirements. Radio on in the kitchen, I hung around to listen to the (much better) commentary, with Jonathan Overend and Ally Eykyn making their farewell appearances on Centre Court. But with the third set hitting it's climax, the lure of the pictures was too strong and I drifted back to the lounge. We all dropped our favourite facts about Fred Perry, the temperature and  Murray's girlfriend's incredible hair but mainly we just stood and applauded.

And ANDY MURRAY tunes would be the thing don't you think? It seems the very least we could do.

So a hot and steamy one today, with Paul Young on the way. Our old 80's fave has an album of rarities and remixes out and we'll speak to him after 6.

Have loose-fitting and well-poised Monday, see you after 5


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