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Safely at home, post school run and post yesterday's visit to the alma mater. It was good to go back and walk round the corridors again, visit the old classrooms and try to find myself on the 1973 school photo (failed). I was made very welcome and even though I was just the modern equivalent of the returning old boy, the pupils were delightful. Only after I'd left did I remember that my most memorable contribution to their science labs was to fill one of its sinks with with congealed blood. My science partner (hello Nick) had hit me on the nose and broken it-I think I'd stabbed him with a pencil or something harmless. I passed out but filled the sink first and woke up in hospital. Happy days.
Well it is Dan Brown today. The Da Vinci Code author is in with his new tome Inferno. As Melvyn Bragg said last week, their are many who sneer (he isn't one of them) but they miss the point I think. The key point is  he has worked out a formula and it is a blistering success. You can play the public transport game with Dan Brown. The fact is that he finds people who don't buy books but they might buy his. This one (as you know) is about Dante and hellish matters so HELL is what we need to do for the oldies please. Very nice.
Have an angelic and saintly Tuesday, see you after 5

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