Playing: Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill
BBC Radio 2

Shaken, stirred etc.


Speeding north in coach C of the 8 o'clock train to Manchester. I am ludicrously overdressed in a tv-ready suit and mauve shirt, trying not to spill coffee over everything. 2 spangly women are coughing their way through a selection of colourful magazines and bemoaning the smoking ban. England's green and pleasant is looking sunny and harvested and I'm wondering whether to chance a train version of coffee/tea/cocoa.
It is a 3 show day today (following on from yesterday's measly 2). It's been a long time in the planning but it is "Bond and Beyond" day. First up is the movie show on 5 Live with the BBC Philharmonic playing everyone's fave Bond tunes as voted by for by the British public. Mark and I have done one of these orchestra shows before and they really are quite something. Sitting just in front of the first violins, I can assure you, is the best seat in the house. You can watch it all of course on line and on the red button (and watch Sir Tom, Quo et al from Hyde Park while your there).
Then it's the ARF in a strange studio somewhere in the bowels of the Salford building. Last time it was a drama studio the size of a football pitch which seemed a little excessive. Your song choice below please should you make a claim for the ARF crown. Then the briefest of hours and we are back (make up!) for Friday Night Is Music Night and back on the red button. It's more Bond and spy related tunes with the BBC Phil and a happy audience clapping their way into the weekend. I remember my parents listening to FNIMN (as we call it) on holiday in the caravan and wondering what was going on. Well today it'll be my turn to say the words (unless Kermode steals the moment) and it looks great fun.
Then to the bar.
Then the weekend and delivering child 1 back to Uni.
And then, exhausted, back to the show. A normal one with no baton on sight.
Have an enthusiastic and encouraging Friday, see you after 2,5 and 8. Good grief.


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