Playing: The Crow On The Cradle by Lady Maisery
BBC Radio 2

Stones rolled


Morning. Friday dank and murky. Moist is the word (as Franki Valli didn't sing) but mild too and that's fine. No big gigs in the park, no wardrobe concerns, all is well. Just the 2 shows to do and it starts with films on 5L and the Naomi Watts interview which you might have heard about. Diana doesn't come out till next week but we'll run the conversation today and everyone can hear for themselves what happened.

Then, controversy free, the ARF kicks off with a top tune from (clouds part, drums roll, breaths held) 1965. Tom and Jerry, Highway 61 Revisited, Ali beating Liston, the Post Office Tower, Heath and Wilson. And your host happily in his early years at St John's CofE Primary in Croydon. Songs please!

Have a youthful and energetic Friday, see you after 5


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