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Cool, damp, autumnal. School run complete; main topic of conversation was how much they didn't like Nick Grimshaw's record of the week (given that I insisted I had radio 1 on when my dad drove me to school, I can hardly complain). Now it didn't do much for me but I daren't say 'this is a bit repetitive' or it's not as good as Al Stewart' for fear of ridicule so I just listen to the youthful analysis. And silently agreed. I admire 'Grimmy' as he has good hair and a fearless radio style and hope he's a huge success. When the school run ceases-which will be in a few weeks time-I might not hear too much Radio 1, so I'm making the most of it.

Meantime, I'm off to see the Superman movie this morning which is lovely way to pass an hour or two before Drivetime kicks off again. Actor Dan Stephens in today, Matthew Crawley of course from Downton Abbey and he stars in a new movie 'Summer in February' alongside Dominic Cooper and Emily Browning. It's about a real life love triangle between artist Alfred Munnings (Cooper) his friend Gilbert Evans (Dan) and the girl they both loved Florence Carter Wood (Emily obvs). And another star of the film is God's own county Cornwall where most of the story plays out. You'll be booking your week their before the film is out. Even if it'll be cold and wet.

And can we do LOVE TRIANGLE oldies? Can't decide between him and him/her and her. Or even her and him, who knows. Will this work? Let's see. Don't think we've done this before so relying on your ingenuity....

Have a heroic and super-powered Tuesday, see you after 5.

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