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A little bit of politics for you


Back in the saddle. Back in the smoke. Had a great time in Cornwall and met a stack load of Drivetime listeners as well as, shall we say, future Drivetime listeners (i.e school kids). Via Sherborne, Yeovil, Truro, St Mawes, Exeter, Tregeny and Bude I picked up my own body weight in cream teas and pasties. If there's a health food that Devon and Cornwall specialises in, I wasn't offered any. I don't think there were any bloggers in queues and apologies if I missed you. Didn't hear the show yesterday, I trust all good and lovely and Liza a hoot as usual.
Normal service resumes today with Ben Elton as my guest after 6. He's written a monster of a novel called 'Two Brothers' about , unsurprisingly, two brothers separated by war. They are twins born into the chaos of Weimar Germany with one ending up fighting for Hitler, the other fighting for Britain. Far fetched you might think, apart from the fact that it actually happened to two of Ben's uncles. As such it is the story he's been waiting to write a long time. He's always good company, so hope you enjoy Ben after 6.
And so BROTHERS will work for our oldies today please, which we will scatter liberally over 2 hours.
Have a flamboyant and daring Tuesday, I'm off to watch Twilight. See you after 5.


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