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Manic, manic manic. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Help, help, help! Barely time to blog, draw breath and for feet to touch ground (ok we get the picture, get on with it. Ed) A quick school run (main topic of discussion-the hits of Rhianna) and bowl of porridge on National Porridge Day (with 2 toppings! Living fast!) and then to a Dustin Hoffman film of some description and a chat with Tim Burton about his black and white 3D animation Frankenweenie.
Somewhere along the way there needs to be some in-depth analysis of Hunter Davies's book of John Lennon letters. Hunter is our guest from 6 today and is always compulsive listening. He's written about The Beatles for decades ever since he wrote the official biography in 1968 and he's edited and introduces this collection. He's tracked down nearly 300 letters and postcards and tells the story of each one. Some are vulgar, some funny, witty, sad, and some obscene. Hunter says Lennon's first reaction to anything important was to write it down. Hence this collection. Hear more tonight.
And oldies please for Austrian adventurer FELIX BAUMGARTNER THE SKYDIVER. He wants to be the highest skydiver ever (126,000 ft) but was thwarted by the weather so is going again, probably tomorrow. Chris was talking yesterday about his attempt to be the first person to break the sound barrier without a vehicle (suddenly my day got less adventurous) so let's serenade Herr BAUMGARTNER in songs of your choice.
Have a spirited and stable Wednesday, see you after 5.


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