Well, here we are again. Happy and healthy new year to all and may it be surprisingly prosperous for everyone. We are in that strange post-new year period (still a bank holiday in Scotland) where some have been at work for a while (well done Mastermind-winning Ken Bruce) and others yet to resurface (Chris back on Monday, I think). The rest of us stumble in and crank up the gears - it's amazing how rusty you get in a few days. I'm actually rather grateful to return to work and get the show back on the road again. Maybe it is my inner puritan speaking; enough partying, time for work. Mind you, when work means putting together more Drivetime shows, it's not exactly a hardline work ethic.

Christmas is a fast-fading memory, but the tree still lingers and my traditionalist approach of leaving it till the 6th may well be sorely tested. The branches are limp and the presents long gone (except for one - there always one for the family/uncle/aunt who we haven't seen). It needs to go and it needs to go soon, but there is little joy in the packing up of the lights and the dismantling of the decorations. Putting it all up is fun and you have songs to help you. Not so the clear-up... until now. Songs for the BIG CLEAR UP/TIDY UP/SETTING THE HOUSE TO RIGHTS would seem to work. You remember how this goes.

Matt and Rebecca are back today and Dr Mösh blasts the cobwebs away after 6

I'm assuming you'll still be there? See you after 5.


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