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Boundless enthusiasm


That's right. Enthusiasm without restraint. That is what we offer you (even if a  very recent guest I'm thinking of couldn't  quite sign up to that pledge). Lend us your teatime/drivetime and we'll show you a good time. But you're signed up already, so you know all this. I'll get on with it.
So Wilko Johnson on the show tonight. His new album with Roger Daltrey is a wonder. It just leaps out of your speakers! Wilko is best know for his work with Dr Feelgood (though he and his band The Solid Senders were pretty darn great too) and this album "Going Back Home' is a must-have. It features 11 tracks, 10 of which are Wilko originals and the 1 cover is Bob Dylan's 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window. Wilko, as you may well know, has terminal pancreatic cancer, but has been determined to live out his life with as much music as he can. He says he was supposed to die last October and that he 'had a great year'. Wilko after 6...
Also today a confession that features one of our team. That's all I can say. They don't know who it is and there are a lot of nerves knocking around I can tell you. All will be revealed at 5.40.
And the return of Masterchef tonight for its 10th anniversary. So many big fans of this hit show that we just have to do MASTERCHEF oldies. And how good to have a show where most of the contestants would be welcome in your house, and not just to rustle up a triple-cooked partridge with confit of asparagus and truffles dipped in squid ink and braised in holy water from LIndisfarne. Or something like that.
Your place at 5?

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