Overcast and gloomy but will we let the weather get in the way and spoil the party (rhetorical)? Actually it's the American tradition of Thanksgiving today so a party is in order. As I may well mention annually, I like this US idea where everyone just eats, drinks and is thankful for stuff they have. As festivals go, they don't come much more streamlined than that. Could we swap Trick or Treat for Thanksgiving? That would be so pleasing. So we'll have our own. Here's a list of things I'll toast imminently:
Boiler works
Blog's working
It's not freezing
Coffee is on
Radio 2 is the best place to work
Drivetime is the best show to work on
I don't have a cold
New Bruce album announced
Family not bad really
UK not bad really
I could go on but that's enough gratitude for now. Feel free to add your own.
But THANKSGIVING songs please, songs of THANKS and GRATITUDE will work nicely.
Have a gorgeous and fabulous Thursday. See you at 5


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