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Once upon a time


Well good morning bloggers, Wednesday looking fine from here. Enjoy the warmth while it's with us.
Really enjoyed the Manics yesterday. James Dean Bradfield and Nicky Wire were very engaging I thought and their mixture of anthem, passion and grit is as strong as ever. James was genuinely taken aback when I said the Manics were one of the best bands I had seen-he was totally flabbergasted. I am, in turn, flabbergasted about his flabbergastedness. Once you've seen them it is unlikely you'll be unimpressed-Sunday at 5(ish) should be a highlight. And it was nice to have a an interview run its course, without a walk out...
Philip Pullman today, the author of countless books and most famously the His Dark Materials trilogy. He has retold Grimms fairy tales and published his favourite fifty. Some you will know (Princess and the Frog) some you won't (The Boy Who Left Home To Learn About The Shivers) and many will surprise (Cinderella should be called Aschenputtel). Philip has a brain the size of a planet, I am expecting to be dazzled.
So FAIRY STORY oldies? Yes that should work I think...
Have a chipper and cheery Wednesday and we'll all live happily ever after. See you after 5

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