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A quick facial


I think it was probably 3 hours sleep, but can't be certain. Maybe having got up at 2 and read for a while I might have drifted off around 3.30. Crazy. I counted backwards from 500 in 2s. I wandered round my old school and the first house I remember living in. I worried about book plot details. And it was raining. And the builders' tarpaulins were very flappy. And the scaffold creaks, the house creaks, I creak.
Who knows why. It was probably that nightmarish falling asleep for 30 seconds, waking up and then staying that way till you grow sleep boosters again (I know that sounds stupid but it's true for me). It certainly wasn't halloween as I missed most of the callers who wanted some free sweets. This was because Muse played the Radio Theatre and, as I mentioned yesterday, this seemed like a good opportunity to see a stadium band in a rather intimate setting. The crowd were very excited and excitable! It was standing room only (unless you were sitting down) and they put on a great show I thought. Where Matt Bellamy(the slightest of frontmen) finds that voice of his, is beyond me. I was sitting one along from comedian Mitch Benn who clearly wishes he was in the band as he knew every note, every word. He played every chord and hit every drum. You can watch and listen to loads more on this here website.
Today Nigel cooks a pie of some sort and can we have some HAIRY oldies please. Chris has been talking MOVEMBER matters (moustache growing for men's health charities) so HIRSUTE HITS will work a treat.
Have a calm and surprisingly positive Thursday. See you after 5


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