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And they all lived happily ever after


Up too early. Way too early. Already, peanut butter and marmite toast has been taken, a sure sign of weary bones. Coffee on the way and then, with a re-read of assorted flapjack recipes, I shall spring into life. I might even run into work. 'Who was that sprightly figure prancing through the park?' they'll say. Not Eddie Mair that's for certain. His PM programme on R4 have been listening and watching with envious eyes and ears. It seems they haven't a toddler listener to match our Daisy. Eddie is fine broadcaster-one of the finest in fact-but he is saddled with having too much news, too little music and no memorable jingles. In fact no jingles at all. This is what he needs to address. His name isn't that dissimilar to mine. I'm sure the Banana Boat Song could work for him too.


So MUSIC MAESTRO PLEASE today as we welcome another TUNESDAY with super long songs to fill your heart with joy. And elsewhere some songs on the subject of HAPPY ENDINGS. The winner of the Carnegie Kevin Brooks has said that children's books don't need to have an element of hope in them, don't need 'patronising' happy endings. Well congratulations to Kevin and he can write what he wants-with great success obviously-but I'll stick to stories with some light in them somewhere thanks very much! Happy Endings please!


From 5. Radio 2. With tunes.


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