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And relax.


Well quite a drama. I finished the show yesterday in my coat ready to leap into action. To get to the Royal Albert Hall from Radio 2 in central London is quite a tricky operation if you're in a hurry at the best of times. There is no easy tube line that doesn't involve loads of walking and a taxi will queue for a very long time through Hyde Park (sure I spotted some stragglers from the Tom Jones bash in September). So, with no other options, the taxi bike is the transport of choice! I'm not really a motorbike fan but sometimes it's the only choice. Off air at 7pm, seated by7.10? Are you kidding? I was always going to rely on a door person to smile and allow me in and so it proved! She gave me a 'you're that bloke' look and looked amazed that I been worried in the first place. Turned out the film didn't start till after 8! I could have got a Boris bike after all.
I would though have missed the military bands, the speech from Sam Mendez, introduction of the cast and national anthem etc. Child 3 loved it (first Bond film) and children 1&2 waxed lyrical all the way home. And Wife 1 (when not feeling poorly) loved it too. So a hit for all the family over 12 who like that kind of thing.
And a fun time with Art Garfunkel too! What a star, what a talent, what an unusual gent! I could have talked with him for hours as he seemed quite likely to say pretty much anything. And as he mentioned, he's the opposite of Paul Simon; where Paul is reserved and cautious, Art is wild and unpredictable. Let's hope he gets that voice back soon.
Today's guest is the star of DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson. I still think of him as self-aggrandising journalist Damian in Drop The Dead Donkey which will be very annoying as he's sort of moved on since then (Wild at Heart, Ballykissangel, Brassed Off etc). He's back with the second series at the moment and will be in Spamalot any week now.
And oldies please to mark the end of the CEEFAX service after 38 years. It used be the least stressful way to follow sport and I loved it. It's all been switched off now and the kids will be amazed at what we were reading from the tv screen-but what do they know? Songs for CEEFAX please, and thankyou.
Have a busy and creative Wednesday, see you after 5


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