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Hic Hip Hooray


Well that was a day. Thanks for all the best wishes to child 2- suffice to say she spent the day feeling mightily relieved. Though not as relieved as Parent 1 and 2. A celebratory pizza and fizz was required and duly delivered. But that is quite enough. I remember how tricky it was when other results at other times were somewhat more challenging and the media was full of celebrating lovelies and reports of how well everyone was doing. Difficult times. Time to switch stuff off and go for beach walks. The students of course are so connected they know how everyone has done as soon they've updated their status's (status'?). Before breakfast they know how everyone has done, who's got in where and who hasn't got in anywhere. We are mere observers again.
Drivetime by the way has a lovely Facebook page but I can't be bothered to do it on my own and anyway les enfants have decreed that parents should be banned from Facebook as it is their thing; I am quite happy to oblige.
2 shows today again; films at 5 with guest Colin Farrell who stars in the remake of Total Recall then the mighty ARF. Let's blast the radio with an opening song of wonder and noise.
Have a significant and startling Friday; see you after 2&5.


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