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Child 3 to school, child 2 slumbers on, child 1 no idea but presumably working hard and spending his time wisely and not frivolously. Here we are at another lovely Thursday and the promise of a Nigel special after 6.
Meantime it is tape amnesty day today and the BBC are after your private recordings of assorted radio shows you may have squirrelled away in the attic somewhere. We all did it didn't we? Even though we weren't supposed to, the temptation of recording the top 40 on a Sunday evening was just too strong. So there is me-aged 13 or 14 with my first cassette tape recorder (Amerex if i remember right) with the cheap microphone running to the cheap radio and making cheap recordings of Tom Browne's Solid Gold Sixty. His would have all the general noise of the house added on top and the call sign of Radio Tirana in Albania spoiling the sound as the night got darker. Truly this is a lost age! Of course eventually we traded up to an integrated system and we could record direct from the radio and John Peel's Festive 50 would be a regular favourite. I'm off to rummage in old shoe boxes to see what I might still have left. Here's the list of what they're after particularly...

• Pre-1990 music sessions (i.e. BBC recorded music performances) in particular, high-profile artists.
• Pre-1990 comedy programmes. For example, Hancock and Goon Shows all have missing episodes from the early series.
• Pre-1990 drama and readings. Examples would include The Archers from 1950-1959 and from 1969-1987, periods where there are not complete runs.
• Pre-1982 news bulletins.
• Pre-2000 live presented DJ programmes and magazines - the daily mainstream output of networks.
• BBC appearances by Dylan Thomas
• BBC appearances by Richard Burton
• BBC appearances by George Orwell
• Interviews with Alma Cogan
• First BBC appearances by Petula Clark
• Coverage of "women's lib" in 1970s
• Mike Read's "ban" of Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax - Radio 1
• Waggoners Walk - Radio 2 soap 1969-80
• Mrs Dale's Diary - Light Programme drama serial, 1948-67
• Family Favourites
• Midday Spin
• Music While You Work 1940-67
• Pick of the Pops 1955-72
• Saturday Club 1957-69
• Easy Beat 1960-67
• Housewives Choice 1946-67
• Top Gear (radio show - BBC Light Programme/Radio 1)
• Junior Choice
• Derek Jameson, Radio 2
• Kenny Everett
• Alan Freeman
• Emperor Rosko
• Out On Blue Six - Mark Radcliffe, Radio 1
Got any of those? Me neither and they don't want my top 40 recordings either. See the Radio 2 website for more information. But how about RADIO AMNESTY oldies. Songs for the LISTENER'S ARCHIVE please, deposited below.
Have a merry and smile-filled Thursday, see you after 5.


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