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Things to do


Here we are with a lovely Wednesday to do something useful with. I've got a movie to see and a show to do but apart from that I'm not sure what I can contribute. Oh yes I remember there's ironing, washing, dealing with kids and visitors, opening the post which i've ignored for ages, and ring your mother. And other things I'm sure but that'll do for the moment. The movie I think is The Sweeney with Ray Winstone which bodes well as Ray is always a terrific watch but we shall see.
Still trying to work out whether Vic Reeves really did have a barbecue to go to. I wouldn't have doubted it but then Bob Mortimer (and listeners) planted seeds of doubt. Anyway, his suggestion of liver seemed entirely wrong to me but might be worth checking with Nigel tomorrow. I didn't mention Vic's uncanny resemblance to Nick Duncalf while Vic was in the studio as apparently Phil Williams had suggested the same point on 5 LIve a while back and it didn't go down too well. So I restrained myself but it still needed to be said.
Today we catch up the two of the brightest, shiniest pop stars we have. The Noisettes have been a hit at R2 with 'Never Forget You' and now 'That Girl'; they sound classic and modern at the same time which some achievement. They are Dan Smith and Shingai Shoniwa and they'll be with us from 6.
And tunes today please for the FARMERS. The harvest is being gathered in and some have been digging their tractors out of the lakes of rainwater that have fallen and others have been roasting in their cabs. And its been a tough year so songs for the FARMERS and FARMWORKERS of the UK (might not play The Wurzels btw).
Have a firm and toned Wednesday, see you after 5.


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