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Twelve Twelve Twelve etc


Icy school run today with the trees and parks looking fantastic. The sprinkling of frost has livened up some of the drabbest scenes. Wouldn't want to be cycling anywhere but in the warmth of the car it was quite a jolly trip. I even managed to get some Rick Wakeman on the CD player! He's re-recorded the 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' album he originally released in 1974. I had some Paul Simon in my collection, some T Rex and some Elton John but I had never heard anything like this live concept album, complete with choirs, orchestras and narrator. I was a convert!  Rick is in today and it will be wonderful.

We have the Elton John piano in place and all he has to do is to swish his cape, sit himself down and we'll be off. A selection of 70s hits, prog solos and Christmas classics will put everything to rights. We might even order a curry for him (its a fine anecdote, much told).

Thanks for all the comments on the 'sparkly new look' which, as many have said, is not presented in a very helpful way really. I've passed it all on and hopefully we'll get some comments back. Bare with...

Songs today please for the selection, erection and decoration of the CHRISTMAS TREE. Ours arrives today and is still the greatest moment, even with the needles getting everywhere and the inevitable light tangle.

Have a stimulating and original Wednesday, see you after 5.


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