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Not Wednesday.


It's the small things that get to you. You try to make sure you get the big parenting issues right (providing a house, food, clothes etc) and then you do something like forget it's games on Wednesday NOT TUESDAY. So consequently child 3 will spend all day being the only one ready for football/hockey/rugby which, as any fool knows, is tomorrow. I think we all know that it is days like this that children remember for a long time and are likely to quote back at you for many years to come. My folks got my first day of school wrong (everyone else had been there a day) and that was that. I never caught up. That was 1964. You see my point.
This morning it's 'On The Road' a film adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel starring Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart (during which I shall ignore texts from all offspring as it is against the code of conduct and not because I don't want to go home, get the uniform, and take it to school). Then to R2 and today's show which features Robert Cray, described by Rolling Stone as 'one of the greatest guitarists of his generation'. He's performed with Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Tina Turner et al and has just released a new Robert Cray Band album 'Nothing But Love' and he's touring here next year. I've never met him before but hear great things! Mr Cray at 6.
And oldies today please for THE STIFF UPPER LIP. Ian Hislop has a series tonight on BBC2 on whether we Brits still have the emotional restraint of former generations. It would seem that we don't - Saturday night TV never seems complete without floods of tears from some happy/sad contestant who has just been accepted/rejected by a talent/talentless judge. So the stiff upper lip it is, over to you.
Have a nimble and deft Tuesday (a non-games day you know), see you after 5.


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