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Bragging rights


This really does feel like autumn. The heating is on, the winter coat is back out and soup is on the menu. If it wasn't for mad French oral revision around the house (ghastly, still remember mine) there would be no indication that this is May and not November. We will have to be our own little rays of sunshine.
Melvyn Bragg today. I've always enjoyed talking to Melvyn-another guest with a brain the size of a planet. His new novel is 'Grace and Mary' and is a powerful, moving and autobiographical story of a man dealing with the loss of his mother to Alzheimer's. Melvyn lost his mother last year and this book feels as though you are at the bedside with the two of them, even though he says he never took notes or anything like that. It is quite beautifully written. Lord Bragg should be good at 6.

Now the oldies. And today we'll have tunes about ARGUMENTS and ROWING. The average teenage girl has apparently 183 quarrels a year with her mother and doesn't really appreciate her till she's 23 ( the teen that is). Well time for reflection then. Your quarrelsome tunes please.
Have a spring-like and sunny Wednesday, see you after 5.


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