Ladies and gentlemen... here's Grace!
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Up early, heart pounding. I will say no more.
Here's to a fine day, looking set for a sunny one here on the estate (and we appear to be fox-free at the moment, so praise be). Really enjoyed yesterday's show and Eddie M was on fine form I thought; thoughtful, open and profound. He was wearing some natty yellow trousers too which takes a certain panache and je ne sais quoi (which looks really stupid written down). There is, in my opinion, no such thing as a bad Eddie Marsan film.
As I wrote that paragraph, the ping from the inbox signified the arrival of child 2's A level results. What a terrifying sound. Normally so innocuous, you would normally pay it no heed but today? Oh boy. I remember my dad chucking an envelope at me in my tent as we camped somewhere (Cornwall probably) and the heart pounding in EXACTLY the same way. In those far off days, my 2 B's and a C was considered pretty good and fine enough anyway for Warwick. It would be unwise to blog about child 2's results as 1) she hasn't said I could and 2) Grandmas don't know yet. Etiquette matters.
We move on.
Nige is back with a tasty chocolate tart for you (well me really) and oldies please on the subject of CHEATING. The world of Scrabble has been shocked to its core by the revelations of cheating in the US National Scrabble Championships. One of its young players was caught with 2 blank tiles under his shoe and has been expelled. Songs for the cheats please!
Have a sunny and coherent Thursday, see you after 5


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