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Morning all, window open, umbrella ready. Waterproofs out, sun cream in pocket, not sure which sort of day to prepare for. Maybe it'll be all of them all at the same time. That sounds about right.

Well the Motts were hard work, that's the truth of it but I will put it down to them being interview rusty. Maybe they need to do a few more to remember how to that thing called promotion.  I never see the point in doing an interview if you'd rather not be there but very occasionally one comes along but we had the music and everyone loves the hits. Those band reunions seem permanently fraught affairs with decades of issues to deal with.  Some get it right and I would hold up The Zombies as an example of how to do it. Or The Eagles recently! Colin, Rod, Joe and Tim all happily chatting away about the show and the past and the future and the problems and solutions. It really can be done.

Nigel day today with ,as I recall, rack of ribs with extra stuff to make it stylish (cabbage? prunes? anchovies?) and let's do oldies please for THE SCHOOL SPORTS DAY. I missed child 3's yesterday but have attended many hundreds previously will have a few more yet before I bow out. Whoever thought of the parent's race was almost certainly under 25 and didn't realise how calamitous and fraught it can be. 'Don't win, it's showing off, don't come last, it's embarrassing' etc. About 4th is good. Cheering and supporting everybody can be exhausting, so let's choose sports day songs instead.

Have a strain-free and nimble-footed Thursday, see you after 5

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