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There you all are. Well done. It's Wednesday already and we've barely broken sweat (you speak for yourself Mayo-you only put records on). The London drains are flowing with Gloucestershire's mud and the post-holiday wash is almost done. The autumnal spiders are taking over the garden and the first glimpse of school uniform has emerged in the ironing pile. The start of the school term (England and Wales only of course) can't come soon enough for many-the last few days of the holidays seem a particular challenge. We've used up every idea, every game, every trip; now be off with you and don't forget your pencil case.
Blog discussion on Flanders and Swan a delight as (like some of you) I was brought up on them, Gilbert and Sullivan and then Tom Lehrer. The 'Follow me follow' title yesterday was indeed a reference to 'The Hippopotamus Song' (Mud, mud, glorious mud etc). They aren't often on the stereo but whenever they turn up on my generic mp3 player-set to shuffle-I'll be singing along with the crowds of 1964. The albums were produced by George Martin and it was on one of them that Michael Flanders said 'responsible music for respectable people'. So borrowed/nicked it.
We were going to have Dave Stewart on today but he didn't get on the plane we thought he would. So we will speak to Robin Ince, stand-up and science nut. I watched him this weekend do his 'Happiness through Science' routine and very good it is too. As co-presenter of The Infinite Monkey cage with Prof Brian Cox, Robin has to be a really smart cookie and it is clear he is onto something. His enthusiasm for mind-boggling ideas and concepts is infectious and you can hear him after 6.
And oldies please for the start of the Paralympics which begins tonight. The flame, the crowds and the volunteers are back!
Have an easy and rewarding Wednesday. See you after 5.


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