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And good day to you. Thursday already. Week disappearing. Everyone seems to have enjoyed Squeeze last night and I just loved hearing Labelled With Love. There is something about those songs Glen and Chris wrote in the 70s and 80s particularly that resonate still. It would be absolutely fantastic if their new tunes withstood comparison. Singers and writers tend to have their golden period when they have the Midas touch (too much gold in that analogy) and then spend the rest of their years reliving past glories. So we look forward to the new Squeeze album and the tour with that great idea of selling the gig CD's at the back. A new economic model is emerging...
A post show trip to see the mighty Bellowhead in Camden at the Roundhouse where we had the Electric Proms a while back. They didn't exactly rock but rather jigged and reeled. The mosh pit (everyone standing up basically) heaved with pogoing morris dancers and sweaty shanty singers. They really need to be seen live to be enjoyed in all their 11 piece glory. Not all the songs are easy and they started with some of the more challenging tunes but it only takes a handful of songs about debauchery before we were all succumbed in the end.
Nige cooks tonight (pudding I think) and songs please the NEW ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. Who appears to be the Bishop of Durham Justin Welby . Your ABofC oldies please.
Have a well-balanced and enlightened Thursday, see you after 5


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