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Something completely different


Well it is for a Thursday anyway. Having had our food a day early, we welcome Michael Palin to the show tonight. Now this is a good and a bad thing. Routine is good, Nige on a Thursday is good. Confusing people is bad. Feeling it's Thursday when it was Wednesday is bad. However! This is how it had to be! Meetings were had, diaries consulted, spreadsheets prepared. And Palin on Thursday is how it all fell. I've spoken to Michael before but the Python stuff was always the last question you asked just because it was so old and feeble; there was nothing he hadn't been asked before. This time it is different. With the big reunion at the O2 this year, the Monty Python questions move up the agenda! Michael has an announcement to make-and he hasn't told me what it is. I can make an informed guess but all will be revealed after 6!

And I think  MICHAEL PALIN oldies works well. Not Python tunes-there will be time for that later in the year-just tunes for the nice, globe-trotting, avuncular one.

And see you at 5


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