Playing: Bo Diddley Special by Eric Burdon
BBC Radio 2



Hello everyone not at Glastonbury! How're y'all doing? Let me hear you say Yay! We're warm and dry with access to a well upholstered mattress and a shower! Yay! Let me hear you at the back! Everyone say we don't want to eat pies and noodles all the time but just occasionally ! Yay! I have toilet paper on a roll hanging on the wall!

And so on. I'm happy to let BBC MUSIC do the the hard work for me. Jo's there so I don't have to be. Meantime back in the (dry, lovely) studio, we declare 1976 to be the year of decision. Yesterday's confession has me in the mood for some 70s heat wave nostalgia. ACDC and Van Der Graf Generator at Reading, James Callaghan becomes PM and the Sex Pistols are on Bill Grundy's TV show. What do you fancy?

Meantime I must wash my hair with hot water and a dry towel that hasn't got grass and rice all over it.



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