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Well done everyone it is Friday. We did well. Slippers on.

Today we lose our esteemed producer Fiona to that whiley seducer of other broadcaster's staff Liza Tarbuck. Not only can Fiona pick good guests and select the finest music (with the occasional lapse for swooning boy bands) but she is as fond of bags of sweets as I am. And this is a good thing. She has never said no to a jelly baby, wine gum or chocolate button. Sometimes she has said yes to all three at the same time. Although she wiped off a 'I Love Drivetime' felt-tip tattoo I drew on her arm (no it wasn't harassment) we will always be her favourites, whatever she says to Liza. We will miss her crazy cat-loving, Bowie-programming, fussy-food eating, cheerful, smiley, encouraging ways.

Can I interest you in some ARF business? Looking for (Rebecca's favourite year)1982 openers please. Mark Thatcher disappears while rallying, Romans In Britain were up to no good, Spurs won the FA Cup and the Mary Rose reappeared. On your cassette player Love Over Gold, Dare and The Lexicon of Love. And your host was working as a car park attendant for Worthing Council. It was a lovely uniform. Line up those tunes.

Have a flamboyant and creative Friday, see you after 5 (and 2 if you fancy it).


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