Playing: Sails by Elton John
BBC Radio 2

(Really? Where does this stuff come from?)
Those who might have guessed we're starting the AF with a track from 1963 would be spot on. Today we only have an hours worth because of the latest Minute by Minute project, taking in the assassination of JFK 50 years ago. I tend to feel extremely territorial about the show and hate to lose a second. But there is no arguing with the fact that Kennedy was shot at 6.30pm (our time) and so that's that. Also it is produced by my brother Jonathan and he'll hit me if I grumble too much. The line up is enormous with live music, actors, presenters and is taking up all of one our Maida Vale studios-it'll be epic.
I on the other hand have my regular small team who will sparkle and glitter in our brief moment, then retire to the bar muttering only quietly. So 1963 then. The Birds,Dr No and The Great Escape. She Loves You, Foot Tapper and  Louie Louie. And nursery school/primary school for your host, unaware of all of this of course. Big and 63 please.
Have a crisp and poised Friday, see you after 5


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