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Right then. Thursday-usually a good day. Friday imminent, the weekend very near and everything in the garden is fragrant (or rotting slowly because of neglect, one of the two). And I don't need to read a book today! That's right. Not a page needs to be turned (apart from the Robert Harris for book club which I suppose undermines that a little). Instead I'm seeing the new Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips and I'm just a little excited about it. Not only is TH my fave interview ever but Paul Greengrass has directed and anyone who saw the last 2 Bourne movies, or Green Zone will know what a classy line up that is. I'll get back to you...
And if that wasn't enough, Nigel turns up with a fancy root veg gratin for tea. Good day!
And after the Sir Ben Ainslie inspired win for the USA over New Zealand for the Americas Cup yesterday, coming back from 8-1 down to win 9-8, I think COME BACKS will keep  our creative juices flowing.
Have a crisis-free, achievement-filled Thursday, see you after 5.

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