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Divorced, beheaded, etc


Well first of all apologies for more blog meltdown yesterday. Honestly I have no idea what happened and can only hope it's sorted now-there seems little point in writing an early morning bulletin if it arrives mid-afternoon. Thank you for your patience, even if you haven't been.
Deep breath...
A swift exit yesterday to The Aldwych Theatre in London's glittering West End to see Wolf Hall.  Nathaniel Parker plays Henry VIII and is on the show today. He is terrific as the monarch obsessed with siring a son and heir. I haven't read either of Hilary Mantel's novels (for shame) but knew them to be brilliant, dense and with a cast of thousands. Well the play is fabulous, funny and riveting from start to finish. You sort of know the story but then realise you don't actually. Wasn't Thomas More a good guy? Was Thomas Cromwell an ancestor of Oliver? Is it possible to look cool in floppy hat?  Nathaniel will be here from 6, his admirers swooning as he passes. His Inspector Lynley was a big deal but he's been one of our leading thesps for a while and it'll be good to have him on the show. And HENRY THE EIGHTH oldies should keep him happy. If there are songs about gout, now is the time to choose them.
Now let's see if I can get this posting on your screen before teatime.


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